Suspense Tamil Movie Trigger – Atharvaa Murali

Suspense Tamil Movie Trigger – Atharvaa Murali

Not many people in the world do not like watching thriller movies, which is why thriller movies are such a hit. If you are a fan of Tamil thriller movies, you can opt to watch the latest Tamil movie called Trigger, directed by Sam Anton.

This is one of the new Tamil movies starring Atharvaa Murali in a cop role. There are many exciting things that you will find in this movie and before you choose to watch this movie on an OTT platform, learn more about the movie. In this guide, you will learn some important information about the movie Trigger.

The Main Story

This movie opens up in 1993, showing a deadly assault on the police commissioner’s office. After this, the movie is cut to the present, where Prabhakaran (Atharvaa) and his father, Sathya Moorthy, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, are introduced. Prabhakaran, who works in the police department, is dismissed after he makes a mistake while catching a gang.

But soon, he is appointed by the commissioner to an undercover squad where he investigates the wrong doings in the police department. Soon, Prabha gets to know about a child racket operation where a gang adopts children from the orphanage and sells them. Watch Trigger for better experience, one of the new Tamil movies, to know what happened next.

What Are Some Good Things About This Movie?

There are good things that you can find in this movie, one of them is the role played by Atharva, and not only does he look good, but he also plays his role well. He captures the frustration and tension of many scenes in a great way and delivers a good cop role. Tanya Ravichandran also plays her lead role well and is not seen in many scenes, not just the romantic ones.

Arun Pandipan also plays his role as a retired police officer well, and both he and Chinni Jayanth have powerful roles in this movie. The cinematography of Krishnan Vasant is great, and the movie’s entire production is brilliant due to the technical team. The script, stunt choreography, direction and editing are all great.

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